Abundia Financial is an asset investment acquisition and venture capital development company focusing on sustainable fuels, power, and chemical technologies.

Offering Sustainable Value Creation

Our company is dedicated to nurturing early-stage innovations, empowering our investments to achieve technical validation, and paving the way to commercial success.

Our strategy is straightforward: we invest in nascent renewable technologies and shepherd our investments through critical development stages, supporting the achievement of both technical and commercial milestones. This process includes key value drivers such as technical validation through to Front-End-Engineering-Design completion, securing offtake and feedstock supply agreements, and managing the site selection, permitting and EPC contracting process. Our goal is to prepare our ventures for significant growth, while also ensuring they are primed for larger capital funding rounds.

At Abundia Financial, we collaborate with founders in the renewable energy space to scale solutions that infuse our investments with practicality and resilience. Our objective is to expedite the development of technologies that promise a sustainable future while achieving measurable and immediate economic benefits. Our commitment to the energy transition is unwavering, as we dedicate ourselves to transforming ambition and capital into tangible, profitable, and environmentally responsible advancements.

We are proud to have deployed over $50 million in capital to fuel the growth and innovation of our portfolio companies. Key investments include:

AGIG is on a mission to transition the world into a decarbonized future by turning biomass and plastic wastes into high grade renewable fuels, energy and chemical commodities, including Diesel, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Green Hydrogen, Bio-Naphtha and Solvents.
Poseidon is a high-tech specialty chemical recycling company focused on developing, commercializing and delivering technology to recycle PET plastic waste. The company aims to significantly reduce the volume of PET waste worldwide, and ultimately bring an end to single-use PET plastics.
Advance Conveying Technologies (ACT) distinguishes itself as a key solution provider within the bulk material handling domain, expressly aligning with renewable sectors, offering a creative alternative that seamlessly blends proprietary designs with the best of industry standards.

Abundia Financial and its portfolio companies are comprised of leading professionals in renewable energy, capital projects and infrastructure, investment banking, finance, energy asset management, logistics, and material handling.

Ed Gillespie

Co-founder and Partner
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Joseph M Gasik

Co-founder and Partner
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Ed Gillespie

Co-founder and Partner

Mr. Gillespie has over 20 years of executive experience in senior management, finance, operations and capital markets. Mr. Gillespie founded Abundia Global Impact Group LLC in 2019, and has served as board member, President and CEO since.

Since 2018, Mr. Gillespie has served on the board of Poseidon Plastics, Ltd. and as the President of Abundia Financial. He also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SafeBus Inc. and as the Chairman and Managing Director of Port House Consultants Ltd.

In 2007, Mr. Gillespie founded Moyle Road Construction Ltd. and served as the Chairman and Managing Director until 2012, during which time the company grew to employ over 100 employees, earning multi-million Euros in revenues.

Mr. Gillespie’s specialist areas include corporate structure, business development, banking and funding, negotiation management, project oversight, and mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. He attended St. Eunans College in County Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland, where he completed his second level education. Additionally, he earned a Diploma in Business Management and Development at The College of Management and IT in Ireland.

Joseph M Gasik

Co-founder and Partner

Mr. Gasik is an accomplished executive with a proven track record in scaling businesses and catalyzing the growth of startups, particularly in the energy and infrastructure sectors. He has held leading roles in two mergers, four acquisitions, and one divestiture, with the majority being multibillion-dollar deals.

Prior to co-founding of Abundia Financial, he spearheaded the integration of over 200 projects in an $8 billion merger between GE Transportation and Wabtec. Mr. Gasik was also Head of the Strategy and Performance Division at Musanada, an Emirati state-owned holding company, which oversaw the design and construction of public infrastructure assets. Mr. Gasik served as a critical advisor to the executive management team, helping define the company’s setup strategy, and also played a vital role in its execution, growing the business from 30 employees to more than 500, with a portfolio of $27 billion in assets under management, making it one of the largest developers in the Middle East.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Gasik worked as a senior consultant at PIPC Inc, rationalizing the infrastructure and security investment portfolio for the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia, in which Mr. Gasik’s team saved over $200 million through project portfolio optimization.

Mr. Gasik holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, graduating cum laude, an M.S. from Stevens Institute of Technology, graduating summa cum laude, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Delaware.