Abundia Renewables’ provides ecologically sound, cost-effective, clean and sustainable energy while using renewable energy sources. 

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Our model is direct investment, with a small number of core strategic partners with a focus within; waste, bioenergy and integrated renewable energy infrastructure.  Waste and Bioenergy (“WnB”) investments include off-market opportunities in the primary market, secondary market transactions and development capital within.  Integrated Renewable Energy Infrastructure (“IREI”) investments include real assets within the timber and agricultural segments (biomass and multi-fuel).  In addition, on a case-by-case basis investments are made within the wind and solar industries.


Abundia Biomass LLC

Sectors: Biomass-to-Pellets, Biomass-to-Wood Chips & Biomass-to-Power
Overview: Consolidated alternative energy company specializing in the biomass industry.
Website: www.abundiabiomass.com

Abundia Biomass (Pacific Northwest)

Sector: Biomass-to-Pellets
Overview: 300,000 - 600,000 metric ton (“MT”) nameplate manufacturing facilities in Washington State.

Abundia Biomass (Canada)

Sector: Biomass-to-Pellets
Overview: 400,000 - 1,000,000 metric ton (“MT”) nameplate manufacturing facilities in Canada.

Abundia Biomass (Wood Chips)

Sector: Biomass-to-Wood Chips
Overview: Supplying & sourcing wood chips

Abundia Biomass Power (North America)

Sector: Biomass-to-Power
Overview: Acquisition/roll-up of biomass-to-power facilities

Offering Sustainable Value Creation

Across 6 Major Sectors